Ideas & MORE, a seasoned creative services firm, provides advertising and marketing expertise structured to develop solutions to your company’s marketing communication needs and challenges. Innovative advertising, marketing and design services are creatively inspired to make sure that good ideas shine through with an insightful message.

Developing solutions thru creativity: The essence of Ideas & MORE.

Providing creative services for Sugar Land, Houston and beyond, Ideas & MORE opened in 1993. However, the team has been practicing the disciplines of advertising and marketing since the late 1970’s. Experience spans large Fortune 100 and 500 companies to entrepreneurial startups. Size really doesn't matter.

Ideas & MORE is experienced in broadcast, print, Web, and outdoor media plus a plethora of industries such as Oil, Gas and Energy Suppliers, Financial Services, Consumer, Business-to-Business, Retail, and Automotive.

Whether it's conveying clear messaging and creative ideas for print and broadcast advertising, Web site development, or providing useful tips and techniques to enhance one's creativity or presentations, call Ideas & MORE.

A more in-depth review of the resident Creative Wizard (Joe) behind Ideas & MORE is available as profile, bio, resume and Create magazine interview.

Still wondering about why crayons are pictured on this Web site?

What do they represent? “The Crayon Story” below conveys

insight as to how we think and why.

The crayon. The essence of creativity.
By Joe Fournet, aka Resident Creative Wizard

The Crayon Story

During the 2003 American Advertising Federation’s District 10 Student Conference, hosted by the Houston Advertising Federation, I presented a seminar on creative thinking entitled, "Kick Start your Creativity."

Among my props was an old paint can with a label on it saying, "Ye Olde Creativity Survival Kit." Inside that kit were a number of different things that make me feel creative.

I had the Energizer Bunny, music CD, pencils, pens, rubber balls, a few things totally indescribable, and a box of crayons. When I took out a crayon and held it up in the air, I explained that this simple crayon could be the most powerful creative tool one can use.

In fact, when the crayon is placed in the hands of a child, one would eventually see some of the best creativity ever imagined. That's because children have no fear, no preconceived notions.

They say and draw and think whatever their imagination lets them. They don't question it. The rest of us should be so lucky.

Well, as I'm explaining this to a crowd of college kids (future designers and writers), I notice one fellow in the back of the room with a slight but definite smile on his face, and he's nodding his head in agreement.

Inside, I smiled to myself and felt good; I had reached out and touched someone. In a crowd of youth, it spoke volumes to me.


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A seasoned creative services firm, Ideas & MORE offers innovative advertising, marketing and design services for Sugar Land, Houston and beyond.

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