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A Special Thank You for Speaking Invitations!

These civic and professional organizations invited and hosted
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Recent Happenings


The past few months saw us involved with Baker Hughes in developing new stories for their newsletter, TechConnect. During the 3rd Qtr. I reached out across the globe to various Subject Matter Experts (SME) to bring their true stories of value and productivity in the Oil Patch to life.

Also working with BHI on several product development materials for both

print and Web.


The American Advertising Federation Houston recently held their annual Trailblazer Gala, honoring local businessman and advertising believer,

Welcome Wilson, Sr.

Joe Fournet was also honored when asked to write the story behind

Welcome's success for the Trailblazer program.


Better late than never, we've launched our new blog site.

See whatcha think and let me hear back from you.


In the Spring of this year, Joe Fournet served as Contributing Writer for

Matcor's "M" Magazine. Two articles were written focusing on client

service, and Matcor's recent ISO 2008 Certification.


IABC Houston recently honored legendary designer Fred Korge with

their Legacy Award at the 2013 Bronze Quill Gala. Here, at IABC's May luncheon, Fred is presented the Mayor's Proclamation commemorating

his award by Joe Fournet, an IABC Houston past president, and Anne

Mrok-Smith, IABC's Bronze Quill Chair.

Fred Korge is presented the Mayor's Proclamation for receiving IABC Houston's Legacy Award. Presenting the award are Joe Fournet and Anne Mrok-Smith.   Joe Fournet reads a portion of the Mayor's Proclamation during the ceremony honoring Fred Korge

  IABC Houston past president Joe Fournet presents the Mayor's Proclamation to Fred Korge while Anne Mrok-Smith showcases the proclamation

Photos by Mark Hiebert,


The American Advertising Federation Houston recently bestowed upon

Joe Fournet an Honorary Life Member Award. The award, looking really cool below, took Mr. Fournet completely by surprise - as was the plan.

Joe Fournet Honorary Life Member 2013 - American Advertising Federation Houston


Joe Fournet receiving AAFH 2013 Life Member Award

Lee Wheat and Camiile Bryan surprise Joe with the award.


It was a nice reunion with colleagues past and present at the recent gathering of IABC Houston's 2013 Bonze Quill awards. Two of my favorite photos

from the evening --

Friends and colleagues pause for a photo at IABC Houston's 2013 Bronze Quill Awards

Jay Hagins, Anne Mrok-Smith, Yours Truly, Dennis Spellman

Enjoying conversation with IABC living legends Fred Korge and Downs Mathews

Enjoying two IABC legends, Fred Korge and Downs Mathews

Photographs by Mark Hiebert and Eric Hester


Thus far this year, work has been steady. Creative assignments from Valerus and MATCOR have carried over from last year. Please check out some of the highlights in the Portfolio section.


Though recorded last year, a podcast interview of Joe Fournet and Ray Anthony has just been released. They discuss the role creativity plays in today's marketplace and the challenges that are faced.



Jonesboro, Arkansas -- The Northeast Arkansas chapter of the American Advertising Federation recently hosted Joe Fournet for their August 2012 professional development presentation entitled "Kick-Starting Creativity."

A popular presentation, this revised version added some cartoons, excerpts from a recent Adobe study on creativity, and a variety of kick-starting tips from Around the Web. View the slideshow via Keynote or PDF.

Also available are other Top Tips and Helpful Stuff.


At the AAF-Houston 2012 ADDY Awards -- A Silver ADDY was awarded to 4Guys Interactive for work done on the 2011 Trailblazer Gala collateral material. In a special partnership, Joe Fournet served this award-winning team as writer.

Several Citations of Excellence were also given for the Trailblazer Gala materials as well as for the 4Guys website, on which Mr. Fournet also served as writer and editor.




Houston, TX -- During the July/August time frame, Ideas & MORE partnered with 4Guys Interactive to create and produce the collateral material for this year's American Advertising Federation Houston Trailblazer Award. Take a look under the Print section in our Portfolio.

This partnership is another in a series of creative joint assignments with 4Guys. Selections can be viewed under the Essays/Published Articles in our Portfolio section.



Houston, TX -- Ideas & MORE reports that Joe Fournet was re-elected in June to the boards of director of the American Advertising Federation Houston and one of its major committees, Only in Houston.

AAF Houston Board of Directors for the 2011-2012 Year

The AAF Houston 2011-2012 Board of Directors

Also during June, Joe was asked to serve as Web Chair for the 10th District of the American Advertising Federation.



Houston, TX -- The Texas Association of Special Investigation Units

(TASIU) featured Joe Fournet of  Ideas & MORE and his

"Think Differently or Else" interactive presentation.

During their June 8th meeting, Mr. Fournet talked on the importance of persuasive communication and the role of thinking differently

as it applies both to internal and external audiences.

"When I invited a creativity expert to speak to our group of fraud investigators, some of my members thought I had gone crazy. However, Joe Fournet quickly grabbed their interest by translating creative thinking into the type of problem solving that we, as investigators, use everyday.

Joe leading the TASIU audience in a creativity exercise

No, this is not a prayer meeting but a creativity exercise -

The 30,000 ft. view.

Joe’s advice and insight was extremely applicable to those times when we develop initial case plans, determine key areas to pursue, and when we must present our case to both internal and external audiences.

I was so impressed with Joe’s advice to our Texas group that I invited him to share this insight with the International organization via an interview. This too, was received with interest from our members. Thanks Joe."

-- Brent Walker, SCLA, AHFI
Chapter President

The TASIU is the Texas-South chapter of the larger international organization primarily comprised of insurance fraud investigators from insurance companies and law enforcement agencies with many of the investigators employed by insurance companies coming from  law enforcement backgrounds.  

A PDF version of the presentation is available for download.

A Keynote version is also available for download.



Houston, TX -- The American Marketing Association Houston Professional Development SIG played host on Friday, May 13, 2011, with a special workshop led by Joe Fournet titled "Think Differently and Spark Creativity:

Let your Intelligence Have Some Fun!"

The workshop at the United Way explored the importance of ideas, how they can be generated at "warp speed," finding your own creative self,
and much more.

"One thing I promised folks attending the workshop was that they'd be able to go back to their office environment and immediately begin to put into practice some of the things talked about," states Fournet. "We all had fun, that's for sure," he grinned.

Read testimonial and download presentation in the Portfolio section.



Houston, TX -- In a special joint appearance in April, Joe Fournet of  Ideas & MORE and Troy Burwell of 4Guys Interactive present "Creativity & Technology: Learning to Play in the Internet Sandbox".

Troy Burwell and Joe Fournet give joint presentation on creativity and technology

Troy (Mr. Technology) and Joe (Mr. Creativity) after their presentation

The National Space and Technology Association (NSTA) hosted the pair during a professional development lecture series. Check out their presentation in Keynote or PDF.



NASA/Clear Lake, TX - - The University of Houston Hurricane Business Recovery Center hosted a special workshop January 25, entitled "Kick Start Your Creativity to Improve Your Advertising and Marketing." Joe Fournet of Ideas & MORE was the guest presenter.

The Hurricane Business Recovery Center is a specialty center of the Small Business Development Center Network.

Check out the Highlights in the Portfolio section under Presentations.



College Station, TX - - The Brazos Valley Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) kick started their year with a creative presentation by Joe Fournet of  Ideas & MORE, entitled "Kick

Starting Creativity Without Screwing Up the Idea."

The January 20 meeting covered such insights as how to generate ideas at

Warp Speed, how best to distill those ideas in finding the best one

(Drill Down), and what to do with those ideas once you come up with them

(Idea Wall and Idea Tub).

Joe presents thoughts on creativity techniques to IABC Brazos Valley

Check out the Highlights in the Portfolio section under Presentations.


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