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Presentations in 2008

Ideas & MORE Travels to AAF Abilene to Showcase

Creativity Survival Kit

Abilene, TX - The American Advertising Federation - Abilene played host earlier this month to Joe Fournet of Houston's Ideas & MORE at their November professional development luncheon. Mr. Fournet's presentation centered on the role of creativity in today's marketing arena with special attention geared toward small business marketing.

Joe showcased the Creativity Survival Kit as a unique way of helping folks feel and stay creative. The contents, he said, would help one with idea generation (Post-It Notes) and, in a related exercise, he demonstrated how a group could "drill down" to perhaps that one best idea in answering a specific question about a marketing or business problem.

"The Creativity Survival Kit is a fun way of illustrating how ideas can be born and one's creative juices can be kept flowing, especially when combating the small business marketing battles, " Joe said.

The Creative Wizard from Sugar Land also addressed some college students in the audience. He stressed the need to be careful that one's execution of an idea does not get in the way of conveying the idea itself. "The computer and software are just tools to enhance the idea, not to compete with or replace it," he advised.

View Highlights of the Abilene presentation and read about Helpful Stuff.


Ideas & MORE Travels to Permian Basin to Share Techniques on

Idea Generation and Creativity Challenges for Small Business

Midland-Odessa, TX - The American Advertising Federation - Permian Basin

hosted Joe Fournet of Ideas & MORE at their October 10th professional development meeting. Mr. Fournet discussed the role of the idea, techniques for idea generation, and the impact of creativity in small business marketing.

Observed Mr. Fournet, "Sometimes the simplest idea gets overlooked because the so-called creative is either too cute, too complex or just plain dumb. Execution  can sometimes get in the way. How we can best convey the idea to the audience  is what's important."

Mr. Fournet also addressed about a dozen college students and professors in the audience. Reminding them that marketing messages must be clear, concise and on target, Fournet stressed the importance of innovation and smart execution. The students want more comprehensive advertising programs at their schools.

View Highlights and Helpful Stuff.


Joe Fournet Presents the Importance of the Idea and

Creativity's Role in Marketing

Oklahoma City, OK and Fort Smith, AK- The Oklahoma City Ad Club  and American Advertising Federation - Fort Smith recently played host to Joe Fournet of Sugar Land's Ideas & MORE in early September at their respective monthly professional development meetings. Mr. Fournet presented various tips and techniques for idea generation and talked about the role of creativity in small business marketing.

The Creativity Survival Kit (see Home Page) was demonstrated as a way of generating ideas and kick-starting creative juices, while the Drill Down Technique was explained as a way of discovering the best ideas.

View highlights and Helpful Stuff.


Joe Fournet Elected to AAF-Houston Board of Directors and

Appointed Chair of Certification Committee for Tenth District of AAF

    Houston and Victoria, TX - The American Advertising Federation - Houston (AAFH) has elected Joe Fournet of Sugar Land's Ideas & MORE to their Board of Directors for the 2008-2009 term. Mr. Fournet currently serves AAFH as Secretary on the Executive Committee.

       In related advertising news, Mr Fournet has also been appointed District Chair, Certification for the Tenth District of the American Advertising Federation. The committee's goal is to structure a foundation to achieve accreditation and certification within the advertising industry.


Ideas & MORE Completes Site for Spectra Energy,

Signs Siemens and RWD Technologies for Marketing Projects

    Houston, TX - Two new clients have engaged the Sugar Land creative services firm, Ideas & MORE, for marketing projects. Siemens Energy & Automation is working with the agency on development of sales literature while RWD Technologies hired the firm to develop case studies involving the energy industry.

      These assignments come on the heels of completing content development work for the new corporate site of Spectra Energy.


Creative Wizard Brings a Little Creativity to the Rio Grande Valley

    Harlingen, TX - The Rio Grande Valley Chapter of the American Advertising Federation welcomed Joe Fournet of Sugar Land's Ideas & MORE on April 16 to shed some insight on the question: "Think Your Marketing Works?".

In his talk entitled, "Think Your Marketing Works? It May, If You Can You Spell C-R-E-A-T-I-V-I-T-Y,” Mr. Fournet outlined several aspects of marketing that should be integral in any marketing plan and how the various elements of creativity play a vital role.

Central to the creativity theme, Mr. Fournet demonstrated his Creativity Survival Kit - security personnel at Harlingen's International Airport took special interest in learning its contents before wishing Mr. Fournet safe travels back to Houston. ;)

Mr. Fournet also pointed out that ideas are no longer the exclusive possessions of the "creative" department. Ideas can and should come from anyone, anywhere.

Read more about Joe's Rio Grande Valley presentation and get Helpful Stuff.


Houston Business Journal's Focus: Advertising & Marketing Features

The Creative Wizard Behind Ideas & MORE.

    Houston, TX - Joe Fournet is one of the Experts featured in the January 11-17, 2008 issue of the Houston Business Journal's Focus: Advertising & Marketing. Responding to the survey, Tell How to Get the Word Out and Bring Business In,

Joe answers: "What are the most important marketing campaign ingredients?"

Q) What are the most important marketing campaign ingredients?

A clear, concise, easily understood and consistent message about what the business does and how it's done - with just the right amount of creativity in the mix - will go a long way toward having a marketing campaign that works, and works well.

Creativity is the spark that ignites what a company says and how they say it. An idea can come from anywhere and anyone. It should be media- and discipline- neutral for best results. It's what is done with the idea that matters. Ethics also come into play.

While some may think the Web has supplanted the role of the brochure, there are still times when it makes sense to hand out something (trade show) or to include in a mailing with a business card or even a "thank you" or personal note.

Business cards are the universal mini-billboard. There's no need to cram every conceivable bit of information onto this little card, but don't be afraid to use graphics or photography. Leave at least half the backside of the card blank and with a matte (dull) finish, so the recipient can make a note or two on it.

Think of the company's Web site as the global business card and brochure. It must be user-friendly, easily navigable and provide appropriate and relevant information that viewers can find quickly.

Speaking engagements and articles in trade journals or local publications also do wonders for marketing efforts and awareness. Publicize these events on the firm's Web site as well as in press releases sent to relevant news outlets.

To generate interest, be interesting. Figure out what needs to be said, how that might be told and then tell it.

Read what other Experts say in HBJ's Focus: Advertising & Marketing.



"Kick-Starting Creativity in a Not-so-Creative Environment "

Presented at November Meeting of

Society for Marketing Professional Services

    Houston, TX - The Creative Wizard behind Ideas & MORE, Joe Fournet, spoke on staying creative, especially in a not-so-creative environment at the November meeting of the Society for Marketing Professional Services - Houston.

    Presented at the offices of the Associated General Contractors (AGC). Mr. Fournet explored what creativity is and how different aspects can be applied to problem solving. He said this is particularly important when working in a business climate such as engineering or construction.

    "Thinking and feeling creative in a less than favorable or not-so-creative environment can at times really be a stretch, and a challenge to anyone," Fournet states. "Ever had an idea stomped on? Ever been . . ."(PDF) , (HTML), (Ideas News).

Ideas & MORE image of interested SMPS audience members selecting Creativity tidbits         Ideas & MORE image of interested SMPS audience members learning about Creativity

Audience members are eager for more creative

tidbits from Joe Fournet of  Ideas & MORE

    SMPS has a membership of marketing and business development professionals from architectural, engineering, planning, interior design, construction, and specialty consulting firms located throughout the US and Canada.


2007 National Health Forum Invites Joe Fournet,

of Sugar Land's Ideas & MORE, to

Present "Marketing Works" Guidelines to Medical Community

    Houston, TX - Speaking before a group of doctors and surgeons while being videotaped for airing on the Web, Joe Fournet of Ideas & MORE presented "How Do You Know If Your Marketing Works?" (PDF) , (Ideas News Page) or (HTML) at the annual meeting of the 2007 National Health Forum.

       This year's Forum featured The Honorable Andrew C. von Eschenbach, MD, Commissioner of the U. S. Food and Drug Administration along with Congressman Kevin Brady as the keynote speakers.

    Representing IABC Houston in a joint presentation with Dave Scallan of The Ammerman Experience, Mr. Fournet spoke on various guidelines for enhancing the marketing and communications efforts of a doctor's medical practice while Mr. Scallan addressed the challenges with today's changing media.

    The National Health Forum provides an annual gathering for medical leaders to address the latest issues facing the physician and patient today. It was filmed for digital streaming video and will be presented across the nation to thousands of physicians and clinicians.


Joe Fournet Recipient of Both IABC Houston and American Advertising Federation Houston Boards of Director Posts

    Houston, TX - The Creative Wizard behind Ideas & MORE, Joe Fournet, has been appointed as Speakers Bureau Chairman for IABC Houston and Secretary for the American Advertising Federation Houston . AAFH's Secretary appointment also brings with it a seat on their Executive Committee. Mr. Fournet has been involved in both organizations since the early '90s and is a past president of IABC Houston.


Ideas & MORE's Creative Wizard Presents Some Wacky Creativity Ideas to

Central Texas Ad League's Summer Seminars

    Killeen, TX - The Central Texas Ad League, a Texas chapter of the American Advertising Federation, played host to their 6th Annual Summer Seminars. The half day event featured several seminar tracks on creativity and marketing. Joe Fournet of Sugar Land's Ideas & MORE presented "Winning, Wacky Ways to Kick Start Creativity and How Best to Sell Ideas That Work . . . Or Whatever!" . Among the other featured presenters was Randy Snow of Las Vegas who presented the keynote address: "What Happens Here, Stays Here."


Ideas & MORE's Joe Fournet Delivers Creativity Talk

to Clear Lake Chamber

     Clear Lake, TX - "Creativity's Role in Small Business Marketing" was presented at the August Meeting of the Clear Lake Chamber's Small Business Development Council. Fournet presented a Top Ten list of ways today’s small business person can set one’s company apart, and be creative in the process.

After the presentation, "thank you's" were mutual.

Clear Lake Chamber representatives flank speaker Joe Fournet of Ideas & MORE

Joe Fournet, Ideas & MORE, is flanked by Sharon Duncan (left), AG Edwards &
Sons, and Sarah Blumenfeld, Custom Keepers, at the Clear Lake Chamber’s
Business Development Division August meeting.


Ideas & MORE Tapped by Spectra Energy Corp. for

More Web Site Work

     Houston, TX - Just after work had been completed for Spectra Energy Partner's newly launched web portal, creative services firm Ideas & MORE was hired by parent company, Spectra Energy Corporation for analysis and content modification on Spectra's main Web site.


Spectra Energy Partners LP Goes "Live" with New Web Site

Creative Services Firm Ideas & MORE Shapes Content

     Houston, TX - Newly-formed master limited partnership and the owner/operator of natural gas transportation and storage assets, Spectra Energy Partners LP teamed with Ideas & MORE, a Sugar Land, Texas based creative services agency, to develop content for their recently launched Web portal.

     Ideas & MORE refined and created content for Spectra's new site while working in conjunction with the design team, Schipul, The Web Marketing Company. Spectra Energy Partners LP will be owned by Spectra Energy Corp. who was previously known as Duke Energy Gas Transmission Corp. when that unit was part of Duke Energy Corp.


Joe Fournet of Ideas & MORE Presents "The Idea Rules"

as Lake Charles Ad Fed's New Board Takes Reins

     Lake Charles, LA - "The idea rules or it should," stated Joe Fournet, Lake Charles native and Sugar Land, TX resident as he addressed the July professional development meeting of the Lake Charles Advertising Federation.

     "The idea should be media and discipline neutral. Otherwise, you limit yourself," continued the Ideas & MORE Creative Wizard. "It’s what we do with the idea that matters. Clients only care about how we’re going to make it work and be relevant," Joe pointed out. Read more of "The Idea Rules" and reference Helpful Stuff, a list of creativity books and useful Web links.


Allied Concrete Launches New Web Site

Creative Assist Comes from Ideas & MORE

     Richmond, TX - Ready-mix concrete manufacturer, Allied Concrete, a division of Leaman Building Materials, LP, launched their new Web site June 22 with creative help from Sugar Land, Texas-based Ideas & MORE. The creative services firm developed the overall message and content for Allied's Web site while the design was produced by Schipul, The Web Marketing Company.


Schipul Teams with Ideas & MORE to Develop

Content for Houston Carpal Tunnel Clinic

     Sugar Land, TX - Local creative marketing shop, Ideas & MORE was chosen by Schipul, The Web Marketing Company, to develop and refine content for their client, Houston Carpal Tunnel Clinic. Joe Fournet of Ideas & MORE scrutinized a variety of medical white papers in distilling the finer points of the neurosugeon's role in operative and non-operative care for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The site was designed using Schipul's Tendenci® Membership Management Software.



Joe Fournet of Ideas & MORE Chairs Professional Development for Houston Ad Fed's 10th District Student Conference

    Houston, TX - The Houston Advertising Federation (HAF) hosted their annual four-state regional American Advertising Federation 10th District student conference. One of the highlights was a panel discussion featuring Houston's key advertising, marketing, and Web design experts. Moderating the panel was the conference chairman for professional development, Joe Fournet, Creative Director/Writer of Ideas & MORE. View panel photos. Assisting Joe with the awards ceremony is Troy Burwell of Xprescom. View select awards photos.


Chief Creative Wizard of Ideas & MORE Tells University of Houston

Ad Students Role Creativity and Innovation Play in Today’s Business

     Houston, TX – The University of Houston student chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) began their 2006 Fall semester with a fun discussion led by a wizard.  Joe Fournet, the Chief Creative Wizard of Ideas & MORE spoke on current advertising trends, breaking into the business, and the role creativity and innovation play in today’s business. Read excerpts.


Create Magazine Names Fournet to Texas Advisory Board

     Orlando, FLAdvertising and creativity consultant Joe Fournet, owner and founder of Houston, Texas, based Ideas & MORE, has been named to the Texas Advisory Board of Create Magazine, according to Dana Clary, Vice President, Business Development for Create. Full story.


Joe Fournet Returns Home to Present

"It's Still the Idea, Stupid." to Lake Charles Ad Club

     Lake Charles, LA -- The American Advertising Federation outpost in Southwest Louisiana was the site of the Lake Charles Ad Federation's February 2006 professional development meeting, featuring Lake Charles native Joe Fournet, Owner and Creative Director of Ideas & MORE.


In a riveting presentation about the trials and tribulations of advertising in today’s marketplace, "It's Still the Idea, Stupid."   addresses the death of the traditional agency, why it seems we constantly have to re-invent ourselves, and why we must always strive to deliver viable ideas, lest we settle for being seen as merely a commodity business.




Only in Houston Unveiled to Creative Masses;

Sugar Land's Ideas & MORE Founding Member  

     Houston, TX "Party Atmosphere Entices, Invites, Excites Creative Crowd" Amidst a party atmosphere complete with balloons, special T-shirts and buttons sporting the OiH logo, the near standing room only crowd of 301 passionate, creative professionals witnessed the formal unveiling of the Only in Houston (OiH) web site and heard the latest news on the Movement’s strategy and plans.


Joe Fournet Reports from Washington on

IABC's International Conference

     Washington, DC — Having recently attended the June 2005 International Conference of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC),

Joe Fournet, IABC Houston President and Chapter Delegate, offers his take on the conference, the city and the sights in "Washington, DC and IABC: Powerful Combination of Sights and Sensations".


Joe Fournet Addresses American Creativity's

International Conference

     Austin, TX — Advertising and creativity consultant Joe Fournet, President and Creative Director of Ideas & MORE, presented a session entitled "Winning and Wacky Ways to Kick-Start your Creativity" (Get Creative Juices Flowing) during the recent 2005 International Conference of the American Creativity Association (ACA) in Austin, Texas.


Joe Fournet of Sugar Land's Ideas & MORE Shares

Experiences in IABC Research Foundation "Think Tank"

     Seattle, WA Among only a dozen communicators from around the globe,

Joe Fournet, Houston Chapter President of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and President/Creative Director of Ideas & MORE, took part in the IABC Research Foundation's 2005 Think Tank in Seattle, WA.


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