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A photo collection of selected events both past and present.


2013 IABC Houston Bronze Quill Awards - Friends Gather Before Ceremony

Before the 2013 IABC Houston Bronze Quill Awards Ceremony

Hiebert Photography & Professional Imaging


2013 IABC Houston Bronze Quill Awards - Getting together before ceremony with two legends: Fred Korge and Downs Mathews

Getting together beforehand with two IABC legends:

Legacy Award Recipient Fred Korge and Downs Mathews

Photograph by Eric Hester


2011-2012 AAF Houston Board of Directors

AAF Houston's 2011-2012 Board of Directors


Texas Association Special Investigation Units - June 8, 2011

"Think Differently or Else"

The iKit is presented by Joe

Joe presents the iKit to TASIU . . .

Joe presents the iKit, the Creativity Survival Kit

. . .  his Creativity Survival Kit, that is.

TASIU's attentive and interesting audience learning some innovative thinking techniques

Joe makes a few points with his attentive and interesting TASIU audience

Joe talks about his Oddball Observations


National Space & Technology Association (NSTA)

April 6, 2011

"Creativity & Technology: Learning to Play Well in the

Internet Sandbox"

NSTA CEO Wally Wood, right, presents Joe Fournet, left, his membership pin and certificate following Joe's workshop presentation

Joe gets his membership pin and certificate from Wally Wood, CEO, NSTA


Troy Burwell, left, CEO of 4 Guys Interactive was a joint presenter with Joe Fournet, left

Troy Burwell, CEO of 4Guys Interactive, played Mr. Technology alongside

Mr. Creativity, Joe Fournet, right, Owner & Creative Wizard, Ideas & MORE


Early in the workshop, Troy Burwell discusses the importance of search engines to Internet marketing

Joe snaps a photo of Troy as he explains the importance of search engines to

Internet marketing


International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)

Brazos Valley - January 20, 2011

"Kick Starting Creativity"

Joe Fournet stressing a point in his talk on creativity         Joe Fournet shows off his creative license

Don't you like odd shaped photos? They always screw around with

the "white" space.

Joe Fournet explaining the importance of a core idea

Joe Fournet stresses the importance of being true to your core idea to a very attentive audience.

Joe Fournet reviews some creativity tips with the IABC crowd

The Creative Wizard reviews some tips & techniques to accompany

that big-ass crayon.


American Advertising Federation-Central Texas

November 12, 2010

Joe Fournet engages his attentive Central Texas audience

Joe Fournet talks creativity to AAF Central Texas


AAF Central Texas Audience Members Listen Intently

Joe Fournet Makes a Point to an AAF Central Texas Audience Member    Joe Fournet Explains the Importance of Post-it Notes to the Creative Process

                                                    Is this somebody's grocery list?

Joe Fournet Having Some Fun With His AAF Central Texas Audience

I think she liked what I said.


American Advertising Federation-Houston

Board of Directors 2010-2011

American Advertising Federation Houston Board of Directors 2010-2011


American Advertising Federation-Houston

Board of Directors 2009-2010

American Advertising Federation-Houston 2009-2010 Board of Directors featuring Joe Fournet as Secretary


International Business Association (IBA)

University of Houston-Downtown

March, 2010

Joe Fournet talks about creativity among cultures

Joe Fournet is flanked by students of IBA at UH-Downtown

The students of IBA at UH-Downtown flank Joe Fournet and seem to have a fondness

for big crayons.


Society for Technical Communication

Winter Bash and Awards Night

February, 2010

Joe Fournet serves as keynote speaker and Master of Ceremonies

Joe engages STC audience  Joe stressing a point about creativity

Photos courtesy of Hiebert Photography & Professional Imaging

Joe stresses another point in his creativity talk to STC    Joe sharing a thought on idea generation with interested audience member

Creativity - Technically Speaking gave various tips on enhancing creativity in a "not-so-creative" environment.


Here's a look at January, 2010, AAF-Little Rock Highlights

Joe Fournet speaking to AAF -Little Rock            Joe Fournet talks to AAF-Little Rock about idea generation

Joe makes a point on creativity  The Creative Wizard listens to an audience member in a creative discussion

Creativity and idea generation can be fun and games along with some serious discussion. AAF-Little Rock thought so.

When it comes to creativity, you can't start 'em young enough.   Joe tells AAF-Little Rock about some brainstorming techniques

 A future Creative Director?

A good crowd at AAF-Little Rock listening to Joe Fournet

The AAF crowd seems to enjoy what Joe has to say.

Smiling faces are always nice to see.

Joe seems to be pondering what to say about the octopus ad   Two wise gentlemen in the AAF audience look on with approval - I think!

Really, these two dudes did not give Joe a hard time. They were just intent listeners. Hey, the one on the left gave him a ride to the airport.


Joe at AAF-Amarillo in November, 2009 having fun.

Joe Fournet playfully talks about idea generation during the AAF-Amarillo ad club meeting


Joe at AAF-Beaumont in January, 2009 making a point.

Joe tells AAF-Beaumont that when you need bigger ideas, you need a bigger crayon.

When you need bigger ideas, get a bigger crayon.




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